Swimming Pool Inspectors

When buying a home, you want the advantage of knowing that your new pool has both working equipment and, most importantly, features that ensure your safety. Swimm Pool & Patio employs a team of professional swimming pool inspectors to provide the highest level of quality pool inspection service to assure that a pool is safe and enjoyable.

Steps taken during a pool inspection

1. Visual Inspection - during the visual inspection, the pool and each of its components are examined. At the end of this inspection, we will present you with a written report

2. Pressure Testing - typically, 90% of pool inspections are complete after the first step; however, we proceed with pressure testing if any problems are discovered during the first inspection or if requested by the customer. During this second step, we will pressure test all of the plumbing lines to make sure that none of the pipes are leaking. Once the second inspection is complete, we will deliver a written report with our findings.

Items Examined During Inspection

Safety Features

  • Suction
  • Fencing
  • Gates
  • Electric Cover
  • Potential Hazards


  • Coping
  • Tile
  • Skimmer
  • Returns
  • Main Drain
  • Waterfalls
  • Finish


  • Pump
  • Filter
  • Heater
  • Chlorinator
  • Auto Cleaner
  • Auto Control
  • Auto Chem
  • Jet Pump
  • Wtfl Pump
  • Blower

For more information or to schedule a pool inspection please call our professional swimming pool inspectors at (203) 656-4336 or request below. We service most of Fairfield County and part of Westchester County.

*please keep in mind that a full pool inspection can not be completed if the pool is winterized.

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