Fall is here! Is your pool ready of the winter?

Prepare your pool for the colder months

A properly maintained pool is much easier to continue to maintain throughout winter. Before you close your pool, there are a few things that should be done before the cold sets in.

1. Clean all surfaces with focus on tiles, grout, and any hidden edges and corners. You should scrub the surfaces of the pool to remove dormant scum that can worsen water quality and promote algae and bacteria growth. Once this is done the entire pool should be vacuumed to suck up all the algae and bacteria you just stirred up.

2. Check your pool pump, filter, heater, and other equipment periodically. These are other places for algae and scum to harbor, so its important to ensure equipment, such as, skimmer baskets and pool filters are thoroughly cleaned prior to winter due to increased levels of leaves dropping.

3. Make sure you empty out your skimmer baskets regularly. The increased amount of leaves in your pool can clog your filter, and cause costly problems down the road.

4. Applying the right quality products to your pool, and doing so properly, is key in maintaining a healthy pool. Each pool has different chemical requirements, so it's best to develop a treatment plan with a pool professional to guarantee the pool remains safe to use, the water remains in balance, and equipment is protected.

There is no "off-season" when it comes to proper pool & spa maintenance

A properly winterized pool, and a pool that is properly maintained over the winter, will make for a smoother opening come spring. When it comes to year-round professional pool and spa maintenance, there is no such thing as an "off-season". The most economical way to ensure pools and spas remain healthy and safe throughout winter is through regular maintenance.

Ignoring regular pool maintenance during the colder months means, when the swimming season rolls around, pool owners will be faced with the arduour task of eliminating the build-up of microorganisms and algae.